Connichi 2014

Handa Seishuu, Barnaby Brooks Jr.: layann
Kido Hiroshi, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi: me

Only two pictures because we were really, really busy with our booth. Thanks to everyone who visited us @ kokorojapanreisen!

Yep no time ;3;

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Look  what happened? I doodled something! What? 

When I started drawing I only did sailor Moon fanarts… Feels so nostalgic
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Pärchen am Sensôji, Tôkyo. 

Na? Lust auf Yukata-Feeling, Sommer und Feuerwerk in Japans Hauptstadt? Wir haben für das Jahr 2014 und dann auch 2015 gleich zwei Reisen, die Euch dann begeistern dürften: “Natsu Comi" zum größten Manga-Event im August und "Matsuri”, unsere Sommerreise mit Sommerfeeling garantiert. 
Noch mehr Reisen gibts auf unserer Homepage:

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Tôkyô Skytree & Pflaume, Februar 2014
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Ein verregneter Fuji-san. Vom November 2013.
Einen schönen Wochenstart wünschen wir. 
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Hallo und Yôkoso!
Willkommen beim offiziellen Tumblr von Kokoro Japanreisen. Hier gibt es in Zukunft neben unseren Reiseinfos und Angeboten unsere schönsten Japanfotos und Erlebnisse!
Unsere offizielle Seite:

* This will be the official Tumblr of Kokoro Japanreisen. We offer unique and comfortable Japantravels for the best experiences in Japan. This Tumblr will contain our offers and information as well as our best pictures and Japanexperiences. Since we offer our travels in Germany at the moment, the offers and the posts will be German (at the moment). But feel free to follow! Our homepage (German) is
Danke fürs Folgen! Thanks for Following!

Hi Folks, thanks for still following me. I have been on a hiatus (except for the taibani Report) and sorry for that. I have a new job and I pour all my Energy and time into that. Its a travel company for Japan-Tours for a better and more interesting Japan experience. We offer our Tours in Germany an the first one will be a comiket tour. So all my photos from my travels will be used for the marketing there. On the tumblr there will be the photos, infos and travel experiences, so feel free to follow. i and kokoro will be happy of you Support us! Thanks for listening! :3 ♡

★ Tiger & Bunny - The Rising Photo Report. Part 11: Ôedo Onsen Monogatari, random stuff 

★ Tiger & Bunny - The Rising Photo Report. Part 10: Ôedo Onsen Monogatari II.

★ Tiger & Bunny - The Rising Photo Report. Part 9: Ôedo Onsen Monogatari I

I have to admit I always wanted to go to Ôedo onsen monogatari in Tôkyô but I somehow never had the time plus there was not much good talk about it.
So this time we had to cancel our Onsen-trip to Kusatsu Onsen due to the bad weather and so we had a bit of leftover money and no Onsen experience. So perfect chance to visit Ôedo onsen this time. The fact that there was a Taibani event was just .. more reason to go.

And it was a very very nice stay for us. You could run around in your yukata and enter the baths whenever you wanted. There were some games and lots of food. All in all a quite nice matsuri-like atmosphere.

★ Tiger & Bunny - The Rising Photo Report. Part 8: “Go Next” Tiger & Bunny Only Event

On February 22nd there was a Tiger and Bunny Only Event called “Go Next”. I have to admit, it was a bit bigger than I expected. Last time I went to an only event it was quite small.

I have to admit my main interest was meeting all the wonderful artist. All the more happy I was that almost most of my favorite taiban artists participated. And even better was that we were able to talk to most them. Some were so suprised that we came all the way just to see “The Rising”. (Sumikko even gave us some Ryan Sweets <3 Unfortunately Daisy and some others were too busy drawing for others so we couldn’t get a drawing ;A; But Ogiko was so very kind she gave our Kaede her original Kaede artwork. She almost exploded <3 )

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